Review: Neil Strauss – Emergency


For anyone who knows me I don’t read books. Before this I book I had only one other under my belt. It was about Carlos Hathcock,  a USMC Sniper. Other than that, I stick to manuals and things I can learn from.

However, Emergency was a gem that I didn’t want to put down. I snagged the book from the library thinking it was going to be an odd story/survival manual. This is not exactly what he was going for.

Neil’s decent into a paranoid end of the world existence comes out at times, rather humorous and makes you want to turn the next page.

Some favorite parts are when Neil attends Tracker School, builds several backyard contraptions, and escapes from a large city using several different and unique methods.


Growing up in Central Oregon I can relate to a lot of the skills Neil learned. After the reading this book I value my skills much more. Knowing how to fish, hunt, and even perform the simple task of pitching a tent may come easy to me but I can see how it might be difficult to a city dweller. On the other hand if I were to ever get dropped into the middle of a fancy dinner party, I might revert to my primal instincts and start grunting and throwing rocks. I would be 100 percent out of my element.

Having only really read 2 “real” books in my life, this book makes the top 2 by far. Buy it, check it out, or borrow it and take the time to read and enjoy.