Travel Photo: Technology Zone – Tokyo Japan

As many other travelers love to do, I enjoy walking for what seems like hours and just exploring a city. The things you can find and the things you see can sometimes amaze you. These sights, sounds, and smells are so different, so alien to you that your senses are on overload.

Such was the case when I went into my first Tokyo arcade. Five stores of arcade game after arcade game. Sitting at these games were what I’ve come to call zombies. These Japanese zombies were playing game after game and feeding money into these things like no ones business. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge nerd! I grew up playing video games and still, to this day play video games. I understand 100%!

Maybe this is an escape from their daily life. Or perhaps a way to forget about their insane work schedule. Either way, it was an impressive site and I strongly urge you that if you’re ever in Tokyo I suggest you take a trip and see Akihabara. Make sure to visit at night though. It’s much more impressive!

Vagabond Guide's Travel Photo - Technology Zone

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