M80’s Top 9 Google G1 Apps

Here I will be listing in moderate detail my top 9 G1 applications.

I’ve found the G1 to be an awesome phone. It does just about everything I need and a little extra. There are however, a few things I’d like to see changed about it. We can get into that later though.

Without any further delay…

  • Twidroid
  • Google Maps
  • Google Finance
  • Pocket Auctions (Pkt Auction)
  • ConnectBot (ssh)
  • Mileage
  • MyBackupPro
  • Toggle Settings
  • Weather Bug


There they are in no particular order. Now for a quick rundown.

This is my primary way to communicate on twitter. I use twitterfox on my desktop but that’s rare and only when I want to share a link. This free app gets 8 our of 9 stars from me.


Google Maps
This is kind of a “duh” with the the G1 but I use it all the time and with the release of latitude it makes Maps even better. Combine latitude with with street view and the able to move your phone and see pretty much 360 degrees is just rad.


Google Finance
The Google Finance app is very handy. It doesn’t get real time quotes but it’s damn close. You can load up your portfolio and refresh them all at the same time. You can also focus on one stock to scale the graph to see how it’s trending and see the most recent news regarding that particular stock. It’s pretty much finance.google.com on your G1.


Pocket Auctions for Ebay
For someone who is pretty much selling their life and everything they own on ebay, this app is nothing shy of my best friend. With this app you can see your selling, watching, and buying. You can also search and see deals. They have also put in a barcode scanner which is neat.


I’m a Linux nerd and I connect to my servers at home all the time and when I had a job, I used SSH for more than half my day. ConnectBot is simple, free and works great. The best SSH app I’ve found for the G1 so far.
You can scan the code below using the Barcode Scanner application to go directly to it’s entry in the Market.


You can scan the code below using the Barcode Scanner application to go directly to it’s entry in the Market.


Mileage is a neat app. Track your MPG along with lots of other stuff. How much you’ve spent on gas, how often you fill up, charts for gas prices, etc. The list goes on.


This no frills app is a life saver. Allows you to automatically backup your data, settings, and apps. I haven’t had to use this yet thankfully but if I ever do, I’ll be worth the money I paid. Just a little FYI…this is the only app I’ve paid for.


Toggle Settings
A very handy app. It’s simple. Easy access to turn on/of your wifi, gps, screen brightness, airplane mode, etc.


I have to start out by saying that I HATE weatherbug on the PC. It is a giant piece of malware and it will NEVER find it’s way onto my machine. On the phone however, I love it. It works great and always displays the temperature in the upper left hand corner of my screen.


There is my quick run down of my favorite 9 Google G1 apps. There are a few runner ups.

  • GPS Status 2 – Fun app to display GPS data
  • La Tour Eiffel – Updates your background from a wide range of webcams from around the world
  • Linda File Manager – Allows you to download any file type from the browser
  • NetCounter – Allows you to see how much bandwidth you’ve been using
  • Google Sky Map – Fun app to help you pick out stars in the night sky

You can scan the code below using the Barcode Scanner application to go directly to its entry in Market: