Travel Photo: Sensō-ji Temple – Tokyo Japan

A few days ago I returned from my quick two week stay in Japan. I had a awesome time and as usual, met some awesome people. Below is an image of the Senso-Ji temple in Asakusa. Asakusa is a district of Tokyo and the temple just happened to be right around the corner from my hostel.

This is one of the smaller entry points to the temple area where the main temple is located. To the left of this image is a large tower that I found to be pretty impressive.

During the day the temple is fairly busy and even more so on Sunday. In the day time you can usually find tour buses and gobs of school children. I recommend a short day trip so you’re able to see inside the temple and check out the people and the small tourist shops. However, I’d come back at night somewhere around 8-9pm.  The place is almost deserted and the lights on the temple’s tower are a pretty sight.

Senso ji Temple - Tokyo Japan

Senso ji Temple – Tokyo Japan

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