Bizarre Foods – Travel Channel

Andrew Zimmern

About 6 -8 months ago I had given up on TV. I canceled my cable and gave away my TV to someone who actually watched it. My life improved dramatically. I vowed never to watch TV again.

Now that some time has passed, I realized that not everything on TV is utter crap. I have found a few shows that strike my interest and if I’m lucky, I might learn a thing or two. Some such shows are Survivorman, No Reservations, and last but not least Bizarre Foods.

I hope to one day (soon) travel the world and see amazing things. Guys like Andrew Zimmern are the thing of envy. All personal feelings of envy aside…Bizarre Foods just doesn’t help motivate me in my conquest to tour the world but it can be quite hilarious to watch him eat some of the stuff he eats.  I know I’d have trouble stomaching half of what gets put into his gullet. The other have just looks so damn good!

I hope the folks at the Travel Channel and Discovery keep up their great work on educational Television. Even though I don’t own a Television I always find a way to keep up on the latest of Bizarre Foods and a few other choice programs.

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