In Search of Beer – A Photo Tour (Tokyo Edition)

My first night out in Tokyo wasn’t super crazy. It consisted of walking a few miles in search of some beer. Below you will find a short photo tour of my evening. I hope you enjoy!

I started my evening by trying to find a good vantage point to watch some passing traffic and relax. It was a warm day (30c) and I just wanted to cool off. I happened upon a Starbucks and thought I’d give it a shot.

I don’t always drink Starbucks. But when I do, I do it at night in Tokyo with a decent view.

What’s the next task? Beer. Cold beer. Since I don’t read ANY Japanese and only speak a little, I decided it was just best to wander around. Finally I asked in my best broken Japanese where is a good place for some beer. I was directed to an average looking building. I was totally unsure until I saw this sign.

I’m not expert but that looks like beer to me!

I think that means beer...

Once I was sat down at my table and opened the menu, I knew I had hit pay dirt. The next question, what should I order? Simple, when the waitress came, I’ll just ask for a beer and point to the big letters. Simple right?

Beer! At last!

Ahh. Beer. I’ll be honest, I was a bit disappointed the glass wasn’t totally full.

Finally! A drink!

Suntory Malts

Half way through my beer, I thought I might get some food. After a quick glance at the menu I saw this. I was tempted but knew that if I had ordered it, certain horse loving people back at home would never speak to me again. Decided it was for the better. 🙂

Time for food?

What’s this? Round two? Of course I’ll have another!

Round 2!

After my second beer, I was tempted to dip into the Whiskey but decided against it.

Hrmm should I?

Now comes the fun part. I had realized I never ask how much my beers were. Heading toward the cashier, I was a bit nervous. Once he hit the total, my jaw dropped. 1350 yen. Yup…about $16.75usd. I just paid $8 a beer. Ouch. And to think I was buying beer twice the size (if not more) in Thailand for less than $2.

As I walked back to my hostel sober and in disbelief, I realized I needed a new drinking strategy.

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