10 Things – My First Days in Tokyo Japan

Day two is coming to a close for me here in Tokyo and I’ve started to ponder over the things that I’ve learnt. I knew Japan was different than my adventures in SE Asia but I was unsure of just how different they were.

Things I’ve learnt in my first days in Japan

  1. The travelers in my hostel are much more introverted than the ones in Thailand.
  2. It’s nice to be able to drink the water and not have to pay extra for it with your meals.
  3. Everything costs MUCH less than in SE Asia.
  4. Once you figure out Tokyo’s subway, it totally kicks ass!
  5. ATMs can be few and far between.
  6. I have yet to see a single currency exchange.
  7. Very few people wear sun glasses.
  8. If you’re tall like me (6’5″) you will have knots on your head. 🙂
  9. The end of June beginning of July is hot and humid!
  10. It’s REALLY nice not having people try and rip you off everywhere you go.

Now some of those are positive and some are negative. Others are in between. The biggest issue I have is the people that are in my hostel. Making friends in Thailand was simple. Introduce yourself, ask where they’re from, and before you know it you have a travel partner. Here is a different story.

This morning at breakfast, I sat down and started a conversation with two Australian guys. I would venture to guess they were in their early 20s. After asking some questions about where they were from, what are they up to today, and how long they were staying I got nothing back. They simply answered my questions and didn’t return any. This same thing has happened to me two other times since I’ve been here.

At first I thought that maybe it was me. Maybe I was the one that had a problem. Then I started to look around. The people in the common area where all in pairs. A few lone wolfs like myself but they were busy texting or had headphones on. I’m sure not all people here in Tokyo are like that, maybe it’s just the group at my hostel.

Thankfully though, I’m still having an awesome time and experiencing all that Tokyo has to offer. Well, as much as I can when it’s 30C outside!

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