Copyright Infringement – Charter Communications

That’s right boys and girls. I have not been a good little boy. I guess I know what I’m getting for Christmas. Nothing but a lump of coal. I guess the good people over at HBO don’t take to kindly to people taking full advantage of their high speed cable connection.

I recently spent about a month living down in California and just couldn’t go without a decent cable connection. I did what anyone would do and ordered internet from Charter Communications. Since they are so kind as to not limit how much bandwidth I use (unlike the nice people over at Bend Broadband) I go crazy. Downloading anything and everything I might like. By that I mean all the latest linux distros, watching shows on Hulu, and many other various forms of LEGAL bandwidth consumption.

I also forgot to mention that I set up a wireless connection so that I could use my laptop like it is supposed to be used and might have forgotten to secure my wireless. Leaving it open to download whatever they like. I guess SOMEONE wanted to catch up on a the latest season of Entourage. Don’t you just hate those bandwidth stealing good for nothing neighbors.

I knew there something wasn’t right about HBO. Now the people at Showtime on the other hand are much nicer. I think my neighbors also had an appetite for Dexter and they didn’t come after me for my ignorance of leaving my wireless connection open.

For your entertainment, I’ve included a copy of the letters I received in the mail. Sadly, I’m no longer on their service.

Charter Communications Letter 1

Charter Communications Letter 2