Minimalist Lifestyle – Update

It has been about a week or so since I have made any steps to becoming a minimalist. I have narrowed my clothes down 2 business outfits, 2 business casual outfits, 2 pairs of regular pants, 1 pair of shorts, swim shorts, and 4 pairs of underwear and 4 pairs of socks. Two of the pairs of socks are Smartwool. I also continue to sell of items on ebay and craigslist.

As I sell some things, I buy others. Some to get ready and some because I use them in the mean time. I recently bought a new backpack. An Osprey Atmos 50 backpack. So far I love it but haven’t really had to chance to try it out. Once I do, I’ll be sure to do a write up about it. This bag is replacing my 77 litre Kelty bag which is way to big to take on any airplane. It’s almost to big to hike with for what I like to do. Mostly 1 to 2 day hikes, 3 at the most.

Other small steps I have been making are in regards to food. I make small purchases at the store and eat everything I buy. I also let my Costco membership expire because buying in bulk can save you money but it can also cause you to over eat and you end up throwing away a lot of food. This tactic has also saved me some money.

I also got very lucky with the recent gas prices. The amount of driving was very limited due to a budget. My day hikes and camping trips were put on hold because I couldn’t afford drive anywhere. Now with gas so low (I paid $1.71 yesterday) I can finally get back outside and enjoy what Central Oregon has to offer. Even if it is cold.

My short term plan is live as cheaply as possible for the next 6-8 months and save as much money as possible. Having fun where I can afford it. On the grander scale my hopes are to travel and learn as much as I can about how people live, work, and survive in other countries.

Is it possible to live a green lifestyle while not having to shell out a ton of money and still have the comforts of a “normal” home? Things like computers? Where does one draw the line of being green and being cost effective?

Maybe with the skills learned from people around the world I can learn to make use of everything around me.

On a sidenote, I picked up the new book by Les Stroud aka Survivorman. I haven’t had much time to do anything but flip through it but expect a short post about this book and my thoughts on it.

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