Where to Next? Japan?

After getting back from Thailand a few months ago, I started getting back into
the routine of a day to day life. I took a hiatus from blogging and took time to pursue my other passion; photography. I also started back to school.

Having a technical background from an early age, I dropped out of college after high school in order to pursue a career in the computer industry. This path led me in a fantastic direction filled with offices, 401ks, and a neck tie everyday. After a few years, I ended up hating life and my stupid tie.

That’s when I started wondering from job to job and eventually wound up in Thailand and having my eyes opened to travel. And not just travel, but blogging, writing, and my number one passion next to travel, photography. Since starting College again and being forced back into American society, I haven’t been able to quench my thirst for travel. Having made it through almost an entire term, I decided it was time to hit to road again in search of another adventure. My choice?


Japan has been #1 on my  list right next to Australia for a very long time. I’m so fascinated with their entire culture and land, it’s border line scary. Now, I’m not saying I try be Japanese and watch countless hours of anime and eat sushi for every meal like some Americans I’ve be met (not that I think EVERYONE in Japan does that). That doesn’t mean that I don’t love sushi or some anime, but you get the idea.

Why didn’t I go to Japan instead of Thailand? The cost. Japan is expensive. Bottom line. Thailand is cheap and I was able to afford a longer stay. My trip to Japan will be short and sweet unfortunately; only about two weeks. Then only way this little jaunt is remotely possible is due to an awesome air fare deal and the decision to not buy a car and keep riding my bike everyday. At the end of June I’ll be flying out of Portland International (PDX) to Tokyo Japan for the low low price of just under $600 (USD) round trip. More on this in another post.

The next month is going to be a very busy month. My brother is graduating from High School (Go bro!), friends are having birthdays, and I have to figure out what I want to see and do! I’ve got a new camera and I need a guide. That’s where you come in!

I’m looking for thoughts and suggestions on what to see and do while in Japan. What are some awesome things that I HAVE to see? Anything you can suggest off the beaten path? Please leave you comments either here or you can reply on Facebook. Either way, let your voice be heard!

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