One Night in Bangkok – Makes Tough Guys Tumble

I contemplated calling this post “Friends on the Road – Bangkok Edition” but due a hostel friend I met in Bangkok when I first arrived, I just had to change the name.

My final day in Bangkok started out innocently enough. The plan was to send out a few emails, grab a bite to eat, and then hit the hay. My flight was due to leave around 7am the next morning which meant I had to be there around 5am, leave in a taxi at 4am and get up at 3am. Simple enough right?


The night started to take an immediate U-turn right after I finished my meal across from the hostel. On my way out of the small street food shop, I nodded and said hello to a local Thai guy. After exchanging a few words he asked me if I like whiskey. Which, if you know me, I love whiskey and that meant there was no way I could say anything but yes. Before I knew it, I was sitting at the table with Jod and the owner of the small street food joint downing glass after glass of Thai whiskey.

Several glasses of whiskey later I decide thats enough, bid them goodnight and headed back to Lub D. While I’m sitting downstairs on my laptop I meet another fellow which begins the finalĀ spiralĀ into one of the best nights I had while Bangkok. After just a few minutes of talking, I come to find out that my new friend and I have tons in common. Be both share a passion for photography and video. Turns out, hes in Bangkok shooting a documentary which is awesome because one of the things on my bucket list is shoot, edit, and publish my documentary!

Having lived in Bangkok before for about eight months, my new friends asks me if I had been to a Patpong Go-Go bar yet. I told him hadn’t as it wasn’t really my cup o’ tea.

  • A bit of a side note. Most (when I say most I mean 99%) of the “girls” dancing are ladyboys. Some pre and other post op. If you ever find yourself falling for one, just keep this in the back of your head.

He replies it’s not his either and offers to show me around Patpong St because it’s one of those things you just have to see. Long story short, we grab some dinner and head to the clubs. Of course I’m not able to get any photos while in the club (that’s a good way to get your ass kicked) but take my word for it, some of these girls put the girls back home to shame! I also had the chance to talk to a few of them and it turns out they are super super nice! Once they know you aren’t interested in them but you are just there for the show, they’ll generally leave you alone. However, if you can speak a little Thai and you’re willing to buy them a beer you can have some great conversation!

A whirl wind of Go-Go bars and ladyboys flash by and I find myself (a bit drunk) playing pool in this tiny joint with my new friend. One of the girls (I’m pretty sure she was a real girl) who was working the bar came over to take our order and tell us we weren’t too bad at shooting pool and she was pretty good herself. This of course led to a matching of skills between my new friend and the bar girl. Thankfully, I was able to bring out the camera fire away. I’m glad she didn’t mind because the photos came out great!

Fast forward past a few games of pool and a few hundred shutter clicks, we find our selves back at the hostel drinking a bit more. By this time, we’re both a on the verge of being fully intoxicated. Even though it was around 2:30am, there was still a small party going on at the hostel. A hand full of Koreans and a few Russians were hanging out and having a good time, we of course had to join in and once again, the camera came out.

It’s time like this that really make life worth while. Meeting new and amazing people while having a few drinks and tons of laughs. If you’re luck you can even create some art while you’re at it. I’ve managed to pick out and process some of the best photos from that night post them below. Be sure to check them out and leave a comment!

On a totally different side note. The reason I named the post this was due to some friends I had made while in Bangkok like I said before. It was all due to this song…

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