Taking a trip of a lifetime?

Since I decided to try my hand at a life on the road, I’ve started to hear the same thing over and over. Before I left the United States my friends and family were telling me that I was taking a trip of a lifetime. When I got to Thailand I heard it a few more times. This time from a couple from the United Kingdom. It really started to make me think.

Why should this one trip be my trip of a life time? Why would I not want to do this again? Even after being here for only a few days, how could I go back to living a life working 40-60 hours a week? Most people back at home expect me to go on this trip for a month or two and then head back to find a job. After that, I’m suppose to save money, build a retirement, get married, and hope I live long enough to spend what I’ve manged to save.

For me, it is almost an impossibility to even play with the idea of trying live any other way at the moment. That’s not saying I’ll feel that way forever, but at this moment in time, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. My feet hurt, I’m hot and sweaty, everything here is a challenge but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The day to day chaos which is what Bangkok is built around is surprisingly refreshing.

Who wouldn’t want to live this life style? The simple things back in the states have become something I cherish. Last night after eating a real Thai meal my new friends and I spent over an hour on foot looking for, we found a 7-11 that served two flavors of Slurpee; Coke and something else. I found the biggest cup I could find and filled it to the top and paid about $0.75 USD for it. I will have to admit, that Slurpee was the best one I’ve ever had! Why? Because I can’t have it everyday like back home. I don’t have choice between 10,000 different flavors. I’ve come to realize that this IS the way to live.


I mean c’mon! Who wouldn’t want to drink soda pop out of a bag?! If you ask me, it’s the only way to drink soda! Now, if only I

couldĀ find some grasshoppers I’d be set!

I’m going on day four here in Thailand and I’ve already made friends from around the world with their own unique and amazing stories. Some of them are on a trip that takes them around the world and will probably never do again, and some are doing exactly what I’m doing. Living life and traveling with no real set destination or plan. I want to travel and learn to speak many different languages all the while making new and amazing friends.

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