Twitter #FollowFriday for 2011-1-21

Twitter can be an amazing tool for communication and sharing information. It’s potential it limitless and since I’ve been using twitter for sometime (we’ll just leave it at that) I’ve been able to find some cool people to follow.

For those of your who aren’t sure, Follow Friday was started to introduce you to new people to follow. Usually with similar interests. Each week I try to pick a few of my favorite Twitter users to follow. Of course you can always follow me anytime! @adam_mayfield

This week I choose…

@adventurouskate from
Kate is currently traveling around South East Asia doing what she does best. Partying it up and making friends. As of writing this she almost didn’t get into Vietnam so what did she do? Begged, cried, and offer a $30 bribe!

@joelrunyon from Blog of Impossible Things
This guy’s blog name says it all. Joel is all about doing impossible things. Currently he’s planning a mass exodus out of an airplane with other bloggers and I just found out this morning hes on a 15 person twitter list with Mr. Barack Obama.

@aswetravel from
As We Travel is a couple who are also currently in SE Asia. Traveling as a couple can be tough but these guys do it flawlessly. They also do some filming (which is a favorite thing of mine to do) and posted one of their first episodes. Check it out because it’s awesome!

If you like travel or awesome stories, check these guys out! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter (@adam_mayfield)  and make sure to become a fan of VagabondGuide on Facebook!

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