Doors Close & Windows Open

This post contains no info to help you do anything. It’s purely a “what is going on with me” post and it may get personal. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

This past week I completed a huge milestone. Almost three years of selling my things, paying off debt, and living as minimalist have all been in the name of a new life.

Before, I was weighed down by physical possessions. I had a house, two cars, and two motorcycles. My house was filled with stuff that hardly ever got used and my closets weren’t any better.  There was a string of roommates moving in and moving out so that I would keep my head above water and make my mortgage payment. I was also working various jobs. Everything from a top level Network Admin to a (yes I’m about to say this) a used car salesman.

It has taken me about three years to pay off thousands in various debts and get rid of a house and garage full of worthless (to me) crap.

If you are new to the blog then you may be asking me why are you doing this?

Then to Now

Me around the age of 3

Since I was young I’ve always had dreams of world travel. Around the age of twelve I discovered an old Pentax SLR and a small point and shoot. My eyes had been opened to the word of photography. I shot through rolls of film while pretending to be in a war zone or on the African Savanna.

I lost touch with my love for photography and joined the ranks of the working zombies. Companies rented my brain for eight or more hours a day and five to seven days a week.

This past week I finally was able to say ENOUGH!

I’ve been living in Central Oregon for 26 years and while it’s a great place to grow up, I’ve seen and done just about everything there is to do here. I find myself uninspired and lacking any motivation or drive to explore and expand my horizons.

I’m proud to announce that I’ve purchased my first international flight. Toward the end of January I will be heading for Thailand for a minimum of two months. All the while relaxing, writing, and shooting photography. My goals are to get out of my comfort zone and meet as many new people as possible and I hope to call a lot of them my friends.

I titled this post “Doors Close & Windows Open” because I feel that I’m ending a long chapter in my life and starting a new one. I’m closing the door on an old life of consumerism and zero drive and opening a window to a new world of travel, adventure, new people, and amazing sights.

But Oregon is Beautiful!

I totally agree! I’ve loved living in Central Oregon. The summers here are amazing! It’s warm, there are tons of events, mountain biking galore, and the fishing is epic!


This morning I woke up to this…

To some this would be a dream but to me, it’s not. The older I get the less I enjoy the snow. It’s cold, it’s wet, and driving in it SUCKS!

Due to these kind of conditions and 26 years in one place, I’ve chosen warmer and more tropical climates.

Why Thailand?

Why did I choose Thailand? For the past three years I’ve been reading blogs, looking at pictures, and trying to plan a trip somewhere. I’ve always loved Japan but that wasn’t in the budget. I also am in love with the Gold Coast area of Australia but there again, it can be expensive for a newbie traveler such as myself. I wanted to maximize the money I have managed to save and travel for as long as possible.

After reading blogs from Sean Ogle, Cody McKibben, Earl Baron, and yes even Tim Ferriss I started to paint a picture of what Thailand was like. Great food, awesome people, and amazing beaches all at an affordable price.

I was totally sold on the idea of Thailand and that was when I created my first Bucket List. Since then, I’ve been able to check a few things off the list including scuba diving; which I plan to do a ton of while over there.

My flight leaves Portland, Oregon (PDX) on January 26th 2011. I owe it to myself to really step up to the plate and start living for me. Doing the things I want to do and totally letting go. Basically I just need to be awesome!

End of the Beginning

I kept my dreams of world travel and photography a secret for many years for fear of what other people would think or say. After countless hours of research and reading, I had came to the conclusion that what other people think is of no concern to me and that the life style I want is totally feasible.

So to all you skeptics and people who think I’m crazy, I invite all of you break out of your comfort zone and do something amazing and life changing. Come hang out with me on a beach and we’ll throw back a few drinks.

Life is short and adventures are waiting!

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