Trend Whores

Don’t worry, I didn’t buy a double foam something or other. I ordered the only thing I knew on the menu. Iced Green Tea.

After having to reset my Tmobile hotspot username/password since I’ve NEVER used it. I was on my way to surfing the internet super tubes.

I must say that I’m totally out of my element. In front of me sits a 20 something guy with emo hair and pants. He also has big sunglasses (indoors) and a Macbook. Ohh I also forgot to mention that he rides a scooter. Trend whore to the max. Makes me just want to punch him in the face. Then there is me. Hiking Columbia shoes with smartwool socks and worn Carhartt pants and a t-shirt. Don’t forget the evil looking tattoos. People look at me like I’m from a different planet. I love it.

California and me mix like oil and water. I love guns, they hate guns. I love my freedoms and don’t do well with sales tax. California hates freedoms and loves taxes. I must say however, the speed limits rock.   I drove over 65mph in Oregon I had to keep an eye out for the Police. Now, I just hang out in the slow lane doing 70mph while getting passed. Reminds me of the interstate in Idaho.

I am however enjoying the change of landscape. I used to be frightened by change. Feared i wasn’t going to fit in anywhere. Not know my way around and just make a mess of a lot of things.

Not that case it turns out. I suggest to anyone wanted to leave and explore the world. The first step is the hardest. Things get much easier from that point.

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