T-Mobile G2 Review

Where should I start?

I got the G2 as a replacement for the MyTouch 3g Slide. After three replacements I demanded something different and finally got it. My initial thoughts on the G2 are that it’s a damn nice phone but not without flaws.

In your hand the phone feels like a real piece of hardware. The kind of feeling I got going from a point and shoot camera to my first real DSLR. I think back to the movie Jurassic Park when the kid in the back seat of the car pulls out the night vision and asks…

Kid: Are they expensive?
Adult: Are they heavy?
Kid: Yeah, kinda.
Adult: Then yes, put them back.

Once you turn on this heavy beast you see the amazing screen. Big, bright, and vivid. You can’t help but say “damn that looks nice” until you touch it for the first time and leave a huge smudge over it’s glossy surface.

I will say that the G2 is fast. It can handle the 3d menus and photo gallery with no issues at all. Web browsing is a breeze and the four menu buttons respond well.

There are some features I miss from the MyTouch 3G Slide though. The big one is the media player. On the MyTouch while the phone was locked you were able to pause, play, and skip songs. No such luck on the G2. I also miss my weather and clock widget. Those how ever are totally minor when compared to the overall look and feel of the G2’s OS. The one bug I’ve been able to find is also in regards to the media player. At totally random times it’ll pause itself and you’ll then have to unlock the phone and hit play. Not a big deal but more of just a minor annoyance.

Other notable points include the quick keys. The 3 keys on the keyboard are mappable to several different functions. I’ve also become a fan of the Swype keyboard. I almost forgot! They FINALLY put in an auto dimming screen based on ambient light! That’s a throw back to the old Blackberry days.

On a side note, when is Google going to enable WiFi calling into their Google Voice app? I have it on my laptop, why not my phone? I’m not talking about UMA or whatever they are planning to release. I’m talking about makes calls via Google Voice  with NO cell phone service, just wifi. I’d even be willing to pay Google a small fee every month for that. Then I could totally cancel my cell phone plan and just use Wifi calling via my Google Voice number! It’d be great!

Buy the T-Mobile G2

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